Director's Message

I have been a journalist and linguist for over 20 years. Since the inception of my professional career in 2004, 1 have worked for various reputed media and publication houses, government and non-governmental organisations, multi-national corporations and linguistic agencies in India and abroad as a writer, editor and language consultant. My range of expertise includes writing, translating, editing and interpreting texts and speeches on various academic/non-academic subjects, including health, law, social science, science, philosophy, politics, history, film, music, art and literature. Apart from this, I also have authored a couple of books, scripted theatres, composed music for films and have over a hundred publications and interviews in numerous time honoured newspapers, magazines and online journals published in the country and overseas. Banking on my knowledge, experience and skills, I formed Bhashawala to serve the intellectual and linguistic industry in a unique way based on professionalism, research, clarity and communication that caters to the specific needs of the clients. I thank my entire team who made my dream possible by making Bhashawala one of the leaders in the industry and also, grateful to my clients who trusted us and allowed us to serve them for so many years. Best Wishes Sourav