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Voice-Over Services - The process of narrating, or providing information or comments for a Visual Content, i.e., Film, Documentary and Advertisements.

Dubbing - The process of replacing the original speech in a Visual Content (Film/Documentary/Advertisement) with words in another language.

-Video Localization - The process of localizing a video from parent language into a desired language. Both the specialized processes are needed to be performed, i.e., Dubbing and Subtitling. Along with the above mentioned process, the video has to go through a complete new sound design and alterations in editing are also required.

Audio & Video Production - The process of creating motion pictures. The creative and intelligent team of Bhashawala is highly equipped with the modern technology and best able hands & brains to create the moving images. We have a complete range of motion pictures and photography services.

Audio & Video Integration - The process of integrating the desired audio and video which our clients are in need of. Most of our client's requirements come in audio-visual form. They might be looking for the perfect audio for their video file or vice-versa, or maybe, they're in search of the perfect audio-video creation to suit the need of desired product or services. We create the best audio, we create the best visual, and we create the best motion pictures.

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